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Our research, development and production of fortifiers is one of a kind! Because no breast milk bank and no other company in Germany or the EU produces fortifiers from human breast milk / donor milk.

Drawing on experience from obstetrics

The experience of more than three decades of obstetric care has revealed gaps in the provision of breast / donor milk to preterm infants.

Creating regional availability

As an obstetrician, Franz Koettnitz, MD, has seen at first hand that it is regionally difficult to supply preterm and premature babies through conventional donated milk banks.

Retaining valuable ingredients

The customary widespread use of Holder pasteurisation also rendered the valuable ingredients of breast/donor milk biologically ineffective.

Going new ways in donor breast milk preparation

Tam Ammeva erhält den Innovationspreis

Research and development from Brandenburg

With the indispensable help of renowned scientists from the fields of neonatology and applied biosciences and process technology, state-of-the-art milk processing procedures have been adapted or newly developed and patented to meet the complex requirements of breast milk processing.

Innovation prize 2019 from BACB

In November 2019, Dr Matthias Kollatz, Senator for Finance in Berlin, presented the BACB’s Innovation Award 2019 to the founders Franz Koettnitz, MD, and Burkhard and Angelika Rülicke.

The AMMEVA Founder team

Dr. med. Franz Koettnitz

Founder with special expertise

Head of gynaecology and obstetrics for over 30 years in various national and international hospitals.

Burkhard Rülicke

Founder with technology expertise

Long-standing clinic administrator, with extensive organisational and technology experience.

Angelika Rülicke

Founder with donation expertise

Years of work in patient services in hospitals, operator of therapy studios and mother of premature baby.

AMMEVA GmbH – Research, Production & Development from Germany