Your AMMEVA breast milk donation!

We’re grateful that you wish to help us.

We’re very happy that you are open to the idea of donating breast milk. Of course you now have a lot of questions – questions that we’ll be more than happy to answer in person.

The basics.

The donated milk will be used exclusively for the dietary requirements of premature or sick babies. AMMEVA delivers only to hospitals with maternity / neonatology wards.
All donors are asked to undergo a quick health check.
We take care of collecting your milk from the hospital or from your home.
You will receive all necessary materials from AMMEVA; including the loan of a milk pump if necessary.

The AMMEVA donations management team will be in touch with you and look forward to answering all further questions you may have, without any obligation or commitment on your part.

Please let us know now which type of donation you would be interested in.

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